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Build your own self contained, low maintenance mini-ecosystem with our Sphere Geometric DIY Terrarium Kit. Inspired by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward’s Wardian Case this beautifully designed kit has everything you need to create a thriving closed terrarium that brings a bit of the exotic into your home. Perfect for home garden office decor, it combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

About our kit

Our kit is inspired by the Wardian Case structure created by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, combining old with new. A closed terrarium is a low maintenance and sustainable way to create a self contained ecosystem. This terrarium kit has hand collected moss and 2 tropical plants, a unique and self contained ecosystem that brings a bit of the exotic into your home. It’s a mix of a geometric terrarium and a unique gift for plant lovers.




Step by step Instructions

What’s in the Kit:

  • Glass Container : Metal and lead free glass for durability and style.

  • Living Moss: Hand collected for natural beauty.

  • Terrarium Plants: 2 different terrarium plants from Fittonia, Calathea, Ficus Ginseng bonsai, Asparagus, and other tropical and fern plants. These closed terrarium plants are perfect for a closed environment.

    • Note: We don't send any succulents as they are not suitable for closed moist environments.
  • Terrarium Soil: For plant growth and longevity.

  • Peat Moss & Sphagnum Moss: For moisture retention.

  • Activated Carbon: Filters the water for plant health.

  • Pebbles: For drainage and texture.

  • Terrarium Landscaping Tools: Scissors, tweezers and more for precise design.

  • Burlap: To separate pebbles from soil for drainage and moisture control.

  • Decorations: Fairy lights and figurines for whimsy.

Our Story

We wanted to make a larger jar like our Wardian Cases. Closed terrariums have been used to create self contained mini ecosystems for centuries and that’s what inspired our design. We love geometric shapes so we thought a sphere shaped terrarium with a door would be a great idea. Our kit is a mini tropical paradise you can look at every day. Our passion for science and art led us to create this terrarium, it’s beautiful and educational. By looking at your mini ecosystem you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of nature and see how ecosystems thrive in a closed environment.


All our jars are sealed and airtight. Inspired by the original Wardian Case by Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward our terrarium requires minimal maintenance. The hand collected moss and tropical plants are chosen to thrive in a closed environment so you won’t need to water your terrarium often. Our foolproof design lets you seal the geometric glass container fully so it’s a self contained ecosystem. Each terrarium comes with a sealed door to make it even more sustainable and self sufficient.

Travel often? This kit is for you. It requires little attention and will thrive while you’re away. You’ll come home to a happy mini garden.

Perfect Gift & Fun Unboxing

Our Terrarium makes a great gift whether you’re looking for unique gardening gifts or something for nature lovers. Creating your own terrarium is a fun and sustainable DIY activity that adds a personal touch to your gift. The package is designed for a fun unboxing experience. Check out our customization options including person


  • 9” x 8”


  • Lead-free glass

  • Metal and glass structure


How often do I need to water my Terrarium?

Our terrarium kit is designed to be a low-maintenance, self-sustaining ecosystem. Once sealed, it creates its own humidity cycle, reducing the need for frequent watering. However, if you notice the plants looking dry or the humidity level dropping, you can lightly mist the plants once every few months.

What should I do if my plants start to wilt or look unhealthy?

If your plants start to wilt or look unhealthy, it may be due to lack of light or improper humidity levels. Ensure your terrarium is placed in a well-lit area but not in direct sunlight. Check the seal to make sure it is airtight. If necessary, open the terrarium for a short period to allow fresh air to circulate before resealing it.

Video Instructions for Creating Your Own Terrarium

For detailed video instructions on how to make your terrarium, please visit our How to Make a Sphere Geometric Terrarium page.

If you have any questions, please send them to

Happy planting and learning!

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