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How to make a Turkish Mosaic Lamp

Our team includes Turkish experts who are deeply knowledgeable about Turkish culture and the art of mosaic craft. We created the Turkish Mosaic Lamp Kits and Candle Holders to share the beauty of this craft with you. We have created video instructions to make your craft-making process easier. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at or use our live chat.

Blue Swan Turkish mosaic lamp
Turkish mosaic lamp workshop with blue pattern
how to make a turkish mosaic lamp
Video instructions

Turkish Mosaic Lamp

Turkish mosaic lamps trace their origins back to the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman period. These lamps are a blend of Byzantine glass-making techniques and Ottoman aesthetics, featuring intricate geometric and floral patterns. Artisans handcraft each piece using colored glass and plaster, creating stunning, vibrant designs. Traditionally used to decorate homes and mosques, Turkish mosaic lamps have become a symbol of Turkey's rich cultural heritage and craftsmanship, admired worldwide for their beauty and artistry.

 turkish mosaic lamp workshop
Applies to Turkish Mosaic Lamps and Candle Holders

Turkish Mosaic Lamp Video Instruction

Making turkish mosaic lamp