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What is the Turkish Mosaic Lamp Kit?

Our mosaic kit is a unique and creative DIY mosaic art project that allows you to craft your very own beautiful classic lamp. Inspired by the rich history and intricate designs of traditional Turkish art, this mosaic craft kit provides everything you need to create a stunning table lamp that will add a touch of elegance and cultural flair to any room. Often referred to as a Moroccan Lantern, this lamp is sure to be a cherished piece of decor whether for your own home or as a thoughtful Turkish gift.

What's Included in the Mosaic Kit?

  • Glass Globe: The main body of the lamp, ready to be adorned with mosaic pieces.

  • Mosaic Tiles: Pre-cut, colorful glass pieces in various shapes and sizes.

  • Glass Beads: Additional decorative elements to enhance the mosaic design.

  • Grout: To fill the gaps between the tiles and give a finished look.

  • Adhesive: Glue for attaching the tiles and beads to the glass globe.

  • Lamp Base: Sturdy and stylish, providing a solid foundation for your lamp.

  • Bulb: An energy-efficient bulb to illuminate your creation.

  • Instructions: Step-by-step guide with clear illustrations to help you through the process. Follow the instructions closely to find some creative options to customize your lamp.

  • Additional Accessories: Gloves, sponge, and cleaning cloth to assist in the assembly and finishing of your lamp.

  • Tile Nippers: For cutting tile pieces to fit specific areas of your mosaic design.

Skill Level Required

This mosaic project kit is designed for complete beginners. No prior experience in mosaic craft is needed. The detailed instructions and included materials ensure that anyone can successfully create a beautiful classic lamp. It’s a perfect project for those looking to explore their creative side, unwind with a hands-on activity, or spend quality time crafting with family or friends. You can complete the lamp in less than 2 hours. As one of the ideal mosaic kits for adults, this project offers a relaxing and rewarding experience.


  • Lamp Height: 11 inches (28 cm)

  • Lamp Width: 4.25 inches (11 cm) at the widest point of the globe

  • Cable Length: 4 feet (1.2 meters)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the lamp?

You can complete the lamp in less than 2 hours, making it a quick and enjoyable project. However, if you consider the entire project, including planning, gathering materials, and adding personal touches, it may take a bit longer.

Do I need any special tools like tile nippers to assemble the lamp?

No special tools are required. The kit includes all necessary materials and accessories, such as gloves, a sponge, and a cleaning cloth. However, if you want to customize your lamp further, you might need to cut ceramic pieces to fit your design. For this, tile nippers can be very useful to precisely cut ceramic tiles and glass pieces.

Is the lamp safe to use once it's completed?

Yes, the lamp is safe to use. It includes an energy-efficient bulb and a sturdy lamp base to ensure stability and safety. Additionally, make sure to allow any adhesive or coating to dry completely before using the lamp to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Can children use the kit?

Yes, the kit is suitable for children with adult supervision. It’s a great family activity that encourages creativity and craftsmanship, much like creating mosaics.

Can I customize the design of my mosaic project lamp?

Absolutely! While the kit includes a variety of mosaic tiles and beads, you can also add your own elements to personalize your lamp’s design. Start with larger pieces to create a solid base, then incorporate smaller mosaic tiles and even stained glass for intricate details. Don't forget to add grout to secure each small piece and clean the tiles thoroughly for a polished finish.

Is there customer support available if I have questions during the assembly?

Yes, customer support is available to assist with any questions or issues you may encounter during the assembly process.

Enjoy the joy of crafting and the beauty of Turkish artistry with this exquisite classic mosaic lamp kit.

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