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DIY Closed Terrarium Kit

We started with one goal in mind: to create the perfect closed terrarium for our workshops. It took us a long time to get it right but it was worth it. This is our first design and we are now bringing it to you as a DIY kit. Whether you are a seasoned terrarium artist or just starting out our Complete Closed Terrarium Kit will help you create your own terrarium, a beautiful piece of nature to have at home. Due to high demand our stock is limited so get yours today.

Kit details

Our Complete Closed Plant Terrarium Kit has everything you need to create a self contained mini ecosystem. This kit highlights the importance of roots in a self contained ecosystem and is an educational way to learn about the earth and the basis of our existence in a fun way. Suitable for beginners and experienced terrarium enthusiasts alike, it’s easy to create a beautiful low maintenance terrarium that will last for years.

Why our kits?

We stuck to the original "Wardian case" the accidental terrarium invented by Dr. Ward in the 19th Century. A great project that develops science and art skills, our closed terrariums are fun to build and beautiful to own when finished.


  • All-Inclusive DIY Kit: Contains everything you need to build a complete closed terrarium, including hand picked moss, tropical plants and high quality substrate.

  • Perfect for Gifting: Beautifully packaged and great to share the joy of terrarium building with friends and family. Makes a great gift for birthdays, housewarmings or any occasion.

  • Long Lasting Ecosystem: Our specially formulated materials and instructions ensure your terrarium remains healthy and thriving over time.

  • Easy to Assemble: User friendly guide and high quality components make the assembly process smooth and enjoyable for all skill levels.

  • A Piece of Nature at Home: Create a peaceful green space in any room, a beautiful accent to your home decor.

  • Built in Light Options: Our terrarium kits come with built in LED light options, to enhance the visibility and ambiance of your terrarium, especially at night. The sustainable and controllable light sources are designed to highlight your plants.

  • Happy Learning Experience: Our kits are designed to be a fun and educational experience, to learn about plant care and ecosystems as you build your terrarium.

  • Watering Made Easy: Our instructions guide you on how to water your terrarium properly to keep it healthy and vibrant.


  • Video Instructions

  • Glass terrarium container with cork or bottle

  • Terrarium plants: Live moss and tropical plant (based on the kit you choose)

  • Soil

  • Peat Moss

  • Green Moss

  • Activated Carbon

  • Pebbles

  • Terrarium Landscaping Tools

  • Burlap

  • Scissors

  • Wooden Stick

  • Cleaner

  • Decorations

Dimensions: 10” high and 4 inches wide

Great Gift Idea

Take your terrarium building to the next level with our Complete Closed Terrarium Kit, perfect for family, friends or colleagues. Order now and start creating your own mini ecosystem!

Boxing and Shipping

Our kits are boxed to gift without wrapping the box. They will arrive ready to gift.


If you are buying our kits for a specific date such as an anniversary or birthday, please let us know. Because we have live plants inside the package and they have to be opened within a certain time frame. We can hold the shipment for you if you request.

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